Gallery – Catholic

Work by Jim Lilly responding to Catholic upbringing and life in general.

Lay down your Arms and Give us your Blood. Three important relics, others exist, but this is the only set of 3.  Dave’s Insanity Sauce was used for the blood of my fast tracked John Paul II to Sainthood.

ONE is seeing God as male and female.  Everything that is in us is in our source.  Good/Bad; skinny/fat; tall/short etc.  Not knowing a name, I’ll simply call #1 GOD.

I’m Still Standing – I was told by the nuns that as an altar boy only the priest could handle the host.  If I touched it I would go to hell, Pronto!  It always tasted like cardboard.

Holy Waterer – We took a gallon or quart jar to church for the priest’s blessing to put in our holy water font outside our bedroom doors so we could bless ourselves before we went to bed.  Rather than this,  I thought if we could get the priest to bless the incoming line we would have an abundant supply.

St. Francis RelicThe only remaining bone chip was that of Francis’ dog Bingo.  The real St. Francis stuff went very fast at 2x the cost.

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