Gallery- Shelters

In response to an invitation to submit structures, animals and/or trees to Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center for their Annual Christmas Putz display November 17, 2016- March 4, 2017, Jim created a collection of buildings all under 6 inches in height.

Putz visiting was a popular holiday activity in Pennsylvania areas including Lehigh, northern Montgomery county, and other areas in the early 20th century. Putz makers would construct elaborate Christmas gardens in the homes, often with automated features, and would open their doors for the general public to visit. Of course, public putz offerings such as the traditional installation at Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem have been beloved Christmas events for decades. A popular tourist stop with 1960’s tones Roadside America just off of I78 grew out of this tradition.

Stories often cover the plain surfaces, thoughts and lessons from Jim.

Homeless #1: I just came out of a bakery. I offered a couple of cookies she looked at them suspect. She said, “chocolate chip my favorite, I’ll eat them later.” It was very cold and windy. Next was Katie with little if any clothes on under the brown quilt on bare feet trying to cross a busy road. It was well blow freezing, on one end of the comments is a guy playing a trumpet. In between are a combination of squatters, lovers and homeless.  I had a black dude tell me to buy him a sandwich. I said, “I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. He said “no, I want a sandwich.” I never saw him before or after. Time for a sauna. I’ve been grafting this is at the earliest it’s ever been. 27 Feb, I made a couple of apples. I got a piece of scion wood from Vermont-Round Barn about 10 years ago blood apple 2″ crab. 

Shelter #2: “You could throw a cat through the south wall. It’s got a good roof.” Maddy Ross (Kim Darby) True Grit