Artist Statement

Susan L. Feller 2014

Susan L. Feller 2014

As a self taught Textile Artist, Susan experienced early on the rewards of creating with your hands. Mother and Grandmother taught skills in knitting, crochet and hand sewing. During the 1960’s a make-do attitude was acquired through Girl Scouting and rural living in north-western New Jersey.

In her early 40’s the medium of rughooking awakened artistic skills. With one more tool to manipulate fibers her works of art are created by “painting” with wool, hooking one strip at a time through the canvas.  Current works incorporate continuous weaving, braiding, random hooking and stitching threads and yarns creating dimension. The pieces raise the traditional utilitarian crafts off the floor and onto walls to be viewed.

"Haying Stages"

“Haying Stages”

“Settled in West Virginia, within woodlands and fields reminiscent of my youth, the natural rhythms of seasons are a recurrent theme.  ‘Haying Stages’ captures the weeks in the fields spent by farmers as they cut, tether, and roll the grasses, preparing feed for their cattle. 

Working with fibers, connects me with generations of artisans’ spirits.  Due to the slow, repetitive process, there is time to dwell on natural subjects within my art and the materials selected.  Now living in West Virginia, I have come full circle – back to the farm, and rural lifestyle of my youth.”               

Susan L. Feller

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