Susan Feller conducts the following workshops at the studio in Hampshire County or for hire for online presentations to guilds and private groups.  Inquire about teaching fees and expenses at
304-496-8073 or

Birth Certificate, Susan L. Feller

Birth Certificate, Susan L. Feller

 Designing a Rug with a Fraktur Flair– History of PA German art form related to frakturs (illuminated manuscripts), discussing their unique proportion, elements and colors interpreted into rug hooking patterns created by the participants.
Design a pattern and color planning included in workshop 3 hours to 3 days.

 All 4 Seasons, Susan L. Feller  Manipulating Fibers for Dimensional Effects: Surface Design techniques Creating dimensional artwork, beginning with a stretched backer and using materials and tools to manipulate fabric including embroidery, quilting layers, hooked and punch needles. See McDonalds for examples ½ day to 3 days

Perspective, Susan L. Feller

Art Principles and Elements of Design…for rughookers:  problem solving making samples first, exploring the” Design Basics for Rug Hookers”, title of book written by Susan and published by Stackpole Books Nov 2011.  three hours to full week Package of four experiments excellent tool for guild program or two day workshop. See Year Study for examples    Overview of the Elements and Principles important to my work.

11-2-14 To Mt. Storm, hooked, mixed media

11-2-14 To Mt. Storm, hooked, mixed media

Contact:    Susan Feller at
or call 304-496-8073

See Calendar for Susan’s schedule of workshops around the country.

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