Book Released to Rave Reviews

The book is out and we are pleased with the responses.

Go to our store at to order an autographed copy. 

Readers have said: “I will definitely use this as a “go to” guide for my students.”

Wendie ScottDavis,Ontario CANADA

“Got your book yesterday and started to read it this morning. I think this book will be a great teaching tool for many years to come… just wonderful!”Linda Rae Coughlin,New Jersey

“I received your book It is GREAT!! It is very easy to read and ALOT of information I think it is one of the best Rug Hooking has put out.” Margaret Wenger, Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “Book Released to Rave Reviews

  1. Postcards From California

    Hi Susan, I’ve been meaning to contact you ever since I met you at the Biennial. I want to let you know how much I like your book. I am only on Chapter 3 because I took it to a rug hooking open house in November and forgot it there. I know the person I left it with has read it and I’ll get it back in Feb. It’s is something that I can use for myself and to develop lessons for students. I just signed up for Rug Beat and saw that you have this site. I enjoyed reading about your studio in Rug Beat. Gail


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