Year Study

11-4 NJ Maple in WV

11-4 NJ Maple in WV

Discipline, direction, design all come to mind when I think about why 365 five inch squares exist.

Looking around for a means to focus learning skills, I decided an independent study conducted with myself as student and advisor would fulfill the quest.

Goal:  Explore techniques, materials and composition on a daily basis for one year. My 5 inch square sketches in journal, were each developed into individual works using any technique/materials necessary.

Evaluate the work with consideration of direction to concentrate developing body of work over the next decade.

Exhibit the collection.  Document the process and lessons.  Complete the squares for sale.

Beginning the study, working outside

Beginning the study, working outside

The Year Study was exhibited as twelve monthly panels at Sauder Village during Rug Hooking Week, August 12-15, 2015. Each square will then be separated from the panel and finished as a unique item. Either whipped as a 5 inch piece or mounted as an 8 inch square with frame.

To read posts about the project enter Year Study in the search option at right.

Visit these additional pages for resource material:
Collection Gallery
Elements and Principles of Design
Reading List

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