Finishing up the Study

March 23 I finished the last month in the Year Study.  That is not to mean every single square is completed but I can say there is an end in sight and the twelve panels will be ready for Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week August 11-15 in Archbold, OH.

Visit Year Study – Collection Gallery to see the months and individual squares.  Over time the full project will be uploaded.

August 2014 nine squares

August 2014 nine squares

Lessons learned? Sketch and complete each subject at least within the month.  I jumped around and when busy with teaching stopped working on the pieces until months later.  The creative momentum was lost for a particular design or a techniqueI had suggested did not interest me when it came around to doing that square. So I changed it.

I still procrastinate.  Although deadlines are met, I prioritize the projects and decide whether a commitment is worth pursuing or can be shelved.  This one will be completed because I told many people, it has been accepted as an exhibit, I am happy with the results, the documentation will be useful in future articles, workshops and the direction of my artwork practices.

Color studies

Color studies

Solution:  Independent study with one person as student and advisor means goals or methods can be changed to meet the situation.  Stay positive do not chastise, evolve. I changed some designs from original sketch.  There were days with no sketches which I used to explore a series with pleasure.  I got through by breaking the 365+pieces  down into segments of a each month.

Results: When the project began I thought it would be rewarding to explore new techniques in surface design.  Now 18 months later and counting, that goal was met and I have set another one: to educate. During the year photographs were taken when changes were made to a piece.  I will write a series of articles describing the process, challenges and solutions.  In future posts and the pages on the site under Year Study, mini courses will develop and a dialog with viewers.  I found using social media helpful for encouragement, directed critique and developing an interested audience.

Progress in the Mountains, Susan L. Feller 2014

Progress in the Mountains, Susan L. Feller 2014

There is an urge to work on larger pieces finally.  Abstract, geometric, simplified palettes, and environmental stories are the styles and subjects which will be developed.


To be continued. I am glad to be on this creative journey with you.

5 thoughts on “Finishing up the Study

  1. Robin

    I like how you became educator, learner and critiquer; all with flexibility to change when warranted. This idea as independent study is something that we all need but many of us do not have the self discipline to carry out. Perhaps an idea for an online class? Thanks for always sharing


    1. Susan L. Feller Post author

      Robin good idea about a way to spread the lessons, creating an online exploration. Will review the feedback from articles and exhibit and formulate further tools to encourage the exploration I have experienced.


  2. Anne

    Bravo Susan, you learned many things to use and pass on. It will be exciting to see them in person. One cannot see the underlying effort and study in the pieces but the enjoyment of the accomplishment and the detail. One of my favourite thoughts is from Maya Angelou…….

    I’ve learned that people will forget what you say People will forget what you did But people will never forget how you made them feel……

    I look forward to feeling the work and the years accomplishment. Yes, as in art you can feel the accomplishment.

    I Pad note from Anne Boissinot




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