100 Days sketching now on exhibit

Starting 2021 again with zoom groups was very different from a full calendar in 2019 of traveling. To focus on creative growth I began the 100 day drawing challenge on January 30. Thankfully it would be a shorter series than Year Study. With colored pencils, markers, a new journal (which ended up being two) and views outside my windows I decided to document nature. Networking with “friends” via social media each day kept me on track ending on May 10. Along the journey the sketches began to take form as fiber art – paints came out, embroidery threads and the rug hooking materials too. Thanks to that network, when Jamie Miller from Taylor Books Annex Gallery asked, I was ready with a proposal.

July 11- August 8, 2021 the collection was on exhibit with fellow Appalachians Chase Bowman, Chris DeMaria, Emma Doolley, Amanda Jane and Mike Ousley at Taylor Books Cafe and Gallery, 226 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV. There is a quick Instagram video showing the work up but seeing textile art in person brings a deeper appreciation for the materials and techniques.

Not being a gallery owner anymore I prepared a catalog of the drawings and fiber art so visitors could leaf through from winter into colorful spring.

These are some of the works on the walls.

4 thoughts on “100 Days sketching now on exhibit

  1. gingerdanzart

    Hi Susan, Wonderful project, so fun to see and hear about your process. Congratulations on the show! xo, Ginger


  2. Diana Pierce

    Such a wonderful exhibit. I’m struck by the contrast of your work during the pandemic compared to the work here. As you say – conflict, the unknown and isolation as reflected in your monthly fiber calendar versus the lightness and hope that nature offers us. I wish I could see it in person. Congratulations to you.


    1. Susan L. Feller Post author

      I took a necessary break from reactionary work and feel refreshed. Although I spent the time thinking through what will have to be a continuation of the Journal rugs. Regrettably there is still a narrative in our history I need to reflect on in visuals.



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