Floral Message of Good Cheer

Caraway Garden Runner created using motifs from Design in a Box-Frakturs

Caraway Garden Runner created using motifs from Design in a Box-Frakturs


This design completed 2012 with a colorful BANG.  I approached the colorplan selecting my favorite analogous combination warm yellows, oranges and reds which also are traditional to the Frakturs (PA German illuminated manuscripts of 1740-1840’s) the motifs were inspired from.  With a wonderful pile of textured wools and spotted or solid hand dyes available, each flower is a bundle of contrasting values making the entire rug an exciting project.  The full rainbow can be found since blue and yellow greens and a wonderful turquoise just had to creap in along with a plaid with purples and cherry reds.

I hadn’t used the gold recipe which mimics a yellow glaze on redware in awhile and incorporated several different subtle textures and natural wool into the three different dye baths of varying values.  Hooking consistently in small puzzle shapes, the background hopefully sets the mood of a fun summer garden. Do you see the flowers all being thrown into a sunny sky?

The border technique of beading, (hooking contrasting strips in an alternating pattern) pays homage to a typical geometric border on Frakturs if the interior designs are all organic.  Bordering the rug with a full inch wide red plaid set off the riot of color and seems to settle it onto the table top or floor where we will enjoy the glow. 

I extend my wishes you will find beauty in every day and interpret these moods using your talents… in music, words, extending help, or artwork.  Look, see and show us your spirit in 2013.

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