Friends who blog more about art

It is time to spread your reading base with some much more active bloggers than I am.

I look forward to reviewing the artistic approaches to rughooking,  nature, design and life each of these friends share.  Hope you visit and enjoy their tidbits.  Each are active links in the sidebar to your right under Blogroll.

Lori LaBerge sends out a weekly post.  See her site

Laura Pierce lives on the West Coast and travels, reporting on her teaching destinations at

Mary Jane Peabody’s rug graces the cover of my book ‘Design Basics for Rug Hookers’.  She has been posting for over a year now at

2 thoughts on “Friends who blog more about art

  1. Paulette Attie

    Your website is so inspirational. How fortunate we are to have you share this with us. I am fascinated by the process of this ” journaling.” I am also so pleased that you released yourself from the daily square to revisiting and documenting the squares already completed. Kudos to you on your established rhythm of your monthly studies. I look forward to taking your class this year at Manistee.



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