Rug Hooking outdoors in Fall

FALL in West Virginia means breezes, sunshine, brittle leaves fluttering, COLOR and no bugs.  As a member of the Plein Air Hooking Artists it was time to get out and enjoy all of the above while creating.

Paw Paw Tree in Fall

Paw Paw Tree in Fall

My attention was drawn to our Paw Paw tree.  The fruit is indescribable in taste subtle like  banana, custard, but something else.  Yet it is memorable and a native to the Appalachians.  There is even a Paw Paw Festival in early September held in Ohio.

Out came the chair, portable frame (Townsend model, Beeline is making a similar style); bags of yellow, green, purple and red wool strips; hook and linen.  I drew a design 7″ x 5″ on a strip of linen with three more of the same size.  One will be used as a Friendship Exchange Mat during the TIGHR Triennial 2015 (Back to Nature is the theme).

I enjoyed working with the elements, they influenced my mood and the work.  Starting with using the purple bag to depict the dark trunk, and limbs.  (The literalist said, “Oh darn I forgot the neutral bag”.  The artist said, “Use what you have and purple is the complement of yellow along with the darkest color”.)

I will admit the sun went in and breeze got colder so into the studio I went after two hours to finish the piece in a total of five hours.

I worked up a second design outside the next day.  This one I wanted to show the smooth leaves, vein colors and layers so hooked some, then cut out leaf shapes in wool and anchored them with pearl cotton embroidery stitching.  I pulled the two together with the same blue, similar purples and crisp yellow greens. Number three is drawn.  These leaves change daily now that the light and temperatures are changing.

Get out and look at nature daily.  You may be surprised what detail draws your attention and says “Capture me in your artwork.”



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