Retreat again into the Mountains

For the 6th year our RETREAT INTO THE MOUNTAINS was a rousing success.  Friday through Sunday in mid April is a beautiful time to wake up your creative juices with SPRING bursting out all around at the Peterkin Camp and Conference Center in Hampshire County, West Virginia.

The theme this year was COLOR… Participants selected their color of the weeeken and developed a small design evoking the hue with motifs and selection of fabrics and techniques.  This gallery shows works in progress throughout the session. 

During the weekend we participated in a yoga session sitting in our seats which focused on the tight back, arm, hands and eyes.  Music and levity loosened us up too as we moved our extremeties making letters and pasta shapes in the air.  We sat for a group photo, reviewed finished pieces on the porch and listened intently to Beth Tembo’s talk and display about African fabrics.  Several jumped into a dye session on Saturday and we all caravaned out to Ruckman Mill Farm to visit Jim and the chickens.  We were well fed by our host.

1 thought on “Retreat again into the Mountains

  1. carol weingartner

    would be interested in coming to one of you weekends in spring. When do you have openings?
    vey interesting site. Carol Weingartner



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