Graphic Realism

I indicated in REALISM INTERPRETED there was a second piece using the same subject. Here is the process and results.  The first work, “Neighbor’s Barn”, used the subject and evokes the natural nuances of 100 year old chestnut boards.  This piece, “Neighboring Barn”, I challenged myself to simplify using straight lines; evoke more drama with higher contrast; and in the end incorporate hardware to emphasize the design origin.

Originally I drew out a runner (18 x54), as you will see the concept morphed into a square.  Why?  As the length increased I began to ask myself what was I trying to say?  When “I do not know” came back to me I re-evaluated.  I took out the light line in lower right, inserted a dark copper wire and ended the composition at the base of the door.  This way with the hardware the viewer probably sees a weathered structure and my piece has a story to tell.

1 thought on “Graphic Realism

  1. Anne Boissinot

    Susan the idea to stretch the subject is the initial plan and as you mentioned, as you go along you have other thoughts and realizations. Happens and when we listen to that inner critic….not always positive, we are open to the lesson. Surprise! Our gut instinct works,
    Well done!



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