Grocery shopping for designs

Anyone who knows us understands I shop for ingredients but don’t make the meals, that is Jim’s talent. So it is not unusual for me to take photos in the market. Here is my design study of Thanksgiving produce.

The cranberries in open vat intrigued me. Then how the celery were stacked reminded me of my wood pile. The orderly rows of round apples, random small cranberries, and unique shapes of squash are each examples of repeating patterns for design. I liked the long thin carrots bundled amidst the feathery greens, a more casual composition than the balanced celery.

vegetable designs

vegetable designs

Perhaps when shopping with your long list of ingredients for the holidays take a moment to observe pattern, shapes, color, even balance and design a memory piece.

2 thoughts on “Grocery shopping for designs

  1. Mary Cochran

    Amazing! I’ll never see grocery shopping the same again. How interesting it will be now to look at it all thru your ideas. Thanks.



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