Ohio Rug Camp

Twelve really fun people and I were scheduled for the Parlour Room at Punderson State Park.  The rambling stone structure included a wide but spiraling staircase and our class space … up in “heaven”.  Our view of the lake allowed peacefulness, and the thrill one evening of seeing a Bald Eagle soar over the waters. 

Another successful and very creative workshop designing their own patterns using the Frakturs as inspirations.  With my templates and extensive library of colorful collections each student (even those who “couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler”) had a unique design on paper by lunch on the first day! 

Ohio Rug Camp 2010 great group!

For anyone who is considering the design workshop… please sign up for the next one near you (see www.RuckmanMillFarm.com calendar). I am sure you will enjoy it and learn how to use this design resource  to create many patterns.

2 thoughts on “Ohio Rug Camp

  1. May Halliday

    Hi Susan!
    I’m signing up for OH rug camp 2011 & got nostalgic for our group last April. I’m enjoying your petite hooked picture very much. i’m sure I’ll see you at a workshop soon. Keep up the great teaching!
    Your friend,



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