Schwenkfelder Library and Museum Workshop

PENNSBURG, PA   Saturday, April 24 was the last day for “Fraktur Motifs Inspire Clay and Wool”, a five month exhibit I coordinated with the Schwenkfelder Library and Museum curator, Candace Perry.  Eight participants took the design workshop.  The wide variety of designs surprised the class and staff but not me…. Everyone IS creative, we just need to give them the tools to use and encourage ideas.  

David's Stem of Flowers, by Susan Feller

Original frakturs hang in the Museum displays and can be found in the beautiful text:  Fraktur Writings and Folk Art Drawings of the Schwenkfelder Library Collection by Dennis Moyer, PA German Society, 1997 available in their gift shop.  With this visual stimulus and the rugs created by past students still in the Fraktur Gallery display this

group was especially inspired.  I look forward to seeing the patterns turn into rugs arguably some quicker than others.  Three of the participants are brand new to rughooking!  They have learned more than some rughookers who have hooked for years– these people know how to make their own design.

Design Workshop participants

2 thoughts on “Schwenkfelder Library and Museum Workshop

  1. Melissa Schwenk Weinstein

    Loved, Loved, Loved this workshop!!!!! I have been wanting to incorporate Fraktur designs in my quilts, penny rugs, and hooked wool rugs for a couple years now….. I was excited to learn that you were returning to the area to do another workshop. It was a joyful experience…. Creating your own design can feel overwhelming at first, but when it is completed it feels great!!! Susan- thanks for your encouragement, suggestions, and for sharing your creative inspirations!



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