Retreat in Harrisonburg,VA

Like minded enthusiasts took to the dye pots and rug hooks over the weekend of April 17 and 18 in Harrisonburg. VA.  After the Mountain State Fiber Artists Spring meeting on April 10 in Morgantown, WV and the informative lecture by Sandra Brown on how to show 3-D in our 2-D format, several of us wanted to practise what we learned. 

Dye techniques results

The learning curve continued upward because I brought down the electric skillet and between us all we had the necessary dye equipment to practise value, spot and dip dyeing. 

The ATHA members of the group have taken up a challenge posted by the Quilters of Morgan County to the rughookers for each to convey 3-D in our 2-D mediums during the Morgan County Fair, Berkeley Springs, WV in August.  We discussed subjects and designs for the challenge, Carolyn Boutilier will be working on a landscape, as of the weekend, Donna Bleem is planning on using the Mandala designs as a base, Susan Feller and Beth Tembo are leaning towards geometric, or abstract patternings.

The encouragement and knowledge eagerly shared by all left us with wanting more.  Surely there will be another getaway in the next few months.

Fun group of ladies

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