Sauder Village 2010

Last year we thought all the forces had gathered at Sauder Village in Archbold, OH for the Rug Hooking Week in a “perfect storm”. Well this year the exhibit was even better.

Ruckman Mill Farm at Sauder Village 21010

Starting with the pinnacle of inspiration: Noah’s Ark and the collection of works by Mary Sheppard Burton and Leonard Feenan as the featured exhibit.  Although Mary had recently passed away, the retrospective included personal pieces never seen to the very last piece she was working on, being completed by her grand daughter, Jennifer Zamato who was in attendance.

Kathy Wright the event coordinator for Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, pulled together several small collections including six rugs hooked by members of a close network.  Each rug included elements worked by every one of the  members.  The owner started their rug and others knew the recipient well enough to either go along with their “likes” or play with this, responding directly to the work already on the piece. The visual step by step evolution of the rugs provided along side, added to viewers appreciation of the process.

Jim and I were thrilled with the turnout again, thousands annually make their treks to what is becoming, after fourteen years, the premier annual exhibit of hooked rugs in the United States.  Friends who only see us here, to workshop attendees over the past year visited, shared their works and went home with more colorful wools, or new patterns.

We were invited back for the 15th Annual Rug Hooking Week, August 15-20, 2011. Go to  and review the Hooked Rug Week Special Events