February Studies

image The daily square project is moving along slowly visually but the knowledge I have explored is vast.  There are two more squares to be completed for February, one I thought would be a value study in fine cuts since it is made up of “petals” around a center. But as time has progressed I decided to build dimensional shapes using a modified shirred technique.  Fine cut later this year, maybe. Winter lead me to work in the kitchen near to constant free heat from our wood cook stove.  I empathize with people who do not have a dedicated studio space and work within the family living area.  I had to consolidate materials, did not have all the tools available to paint, sew, use wire or sort through the unusual materials for inspiration, and ended up hooking more squares than if in the studio.  Back there this month though.

Red, Green, Purple, Orange

Red, Green, Purple, Orange

Workshops coming up were the topics for several squares.  The session at Green Mountain Hooked Rugs School in June will address color planning with a Mood — happy, sad, in love, sunny.  Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green and Purple are interpreted with lines or motifs and in monochromatic palettes.

Complements, color and value

Complements, color and value

A presentation to With Hands & Hearts Antietam Chapter of ATHA covered relations of colors with values.  Squares address colors on white, black and textured gray backgrounds.

Fabric Studies

Fabric Studies

Just as in home decorating where the drapery fabric or a stunning piece of artwork cues the coloring for a room, I responded to a piece of wool or trim in four squares. March journal entries reflect the studying process.  Nightly a book from the library was reread, notes taken and a design exploring the technique or art style was drawn.

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