Inspirations Everywhere

Fabric Studies

Fabric Studies in month of February 2014, Susan L. Feller

These four blocks were inspired by fabric.  The embroidered and embellished moody blue green I dyed and spoke of irises.  Next the colors from the piece used as overall background set the palette. I will line the back of this square when finished with the wool as an example.  The center panel of the striped piece is a wide, loose trim which I hooked an aqua and pink line through to anchor the fabric to backing.  Then I hooked through the edges and mimicked the patterning by hooking and braiding.  The last one was designed based on the striped fabric in center square.  I used high contrast to reproduce the stripes.

On to May journaling, the trees are bursting into bud and each migrating bird upon arrival is adding their music to the orchestra.  Sounds, sights and memories emerging as subjects.

What is new in your neighborhood? How can you record, document, or reinterpret these experiences?  Tap into your creative space and show others your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Inspirations Everywhere

  1. Jeri Powers

    I always enjoy seeing what you design Susan. Your are a great artist and I enjoy doing some of your designs. You were an excellent hooking instructor when I had you at the workshop in Holland, Michigan.


  2. Paulette Attie

    What is new in the neighborhood? Ribbons of migrating sandhill cranes grace the sky heading North to their nesting grounds in Ontario. Two of the sandhill cranes are enjoying the small pond in our field. Goldfinches with ever brightening yellows, boreal chickadees, purple finches, white crowned sparrows,white breasted nuthatches, (downy, hairy, and pileated) woodpeckers, and juncos are at the feeders. Colorful Great Lakes freighters and ocean going vessels (salties) are passing by the front window. For a while there were vast areas of open water on the beach, enough for our chocolate labrador to swim and play catch. After a northwest wind, the ice floated back in and is quickly melting. To prepare for the Manistee class with you, I am trying to look and observe more closely both the elements and principles of design in these sightings. I never realized how limited my visual dialect is. I am struggling to understand how these elements and principles of design surround us.


    1. Susan Feller Post author

      Paulette these are wonderful word pictures. Try to capture the feelings you have in a particular moment. Describe that in colors, values and textures(contrast). Write these thoughts down and we will interpret them visually. See you at Manistee Rug Hooking School.



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