Jim’s newest installation

There are two artists in this home Jim and Susan.  We bounce inspirations off of each other, asking for critiques or just to think out loud.  The conversation recently went something like :

J  I have all of that colored nylon fabric sitting in the bag, when are you going to cut it into clothing shapes for me?

S  I have been waiting for you to tell me what you want?  and why?

J  Well I am not sure why or where I want to hang the “clothes”.  Maybe on the front porch.

S (too quickly) Oh NO.  (then) Well ok, but why?  That is pretty stereotypical. Is that the statement you are looking for?

J  No I want people to say WHY? and I want to create another installation which you and I will enjoy looking at and smile.   How about those locust trees way down in the grove?  We can see it from the kitchen windows and people will wonder who hangs laundry 100 yards from the house.

S  GREAT!  I will get some of my clothes as patterns and cut a pile for you.


3 thoughts on “Jim’s newest installation

  1. Susan

    I think the location is perfect. I would have had the same reaction as you if it had been on the porch, way too stereotypical. And I can just hear the folks wondering why those clothes aren’t being brought into the house! It will be great colour in the winter. Are you planning on leaving them there for a long time?



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