Travel Sketches-Seattle

Beginning a new series based on my travels. The challenge is to simplify the experience.

I decided a journal approach will help develop style and studies for larger art. Less pressure to “nail it” the first time and as you will see, the exercise leads to my goal… concise yet informative designs. Techniques and materials are not clarified yet, although my new supply of cotton fabric and threads will be tapped into.

Thanks go to the students in my design class at Puget Sound Rug School, who energized my own creativity. The first sketch is a result of one of the exercises. List a topic, describe it in words and motifs.

Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch

Over the past week I have developed three separate designs inspired by the trip to Seattle. The City View has seen 6 versions so far.  Next steps to decide size, techniques, materials and begin with my favorite tools-my hands. Slowly I will communicate.


1 thought on “Travel Sketches-Seattle

  1. Lynne Powell

    HI, Susan:

    I like your travel sketches. I am looking forward to what will follow. I am using my little notebook regularly. Marina and I are continuing to challenge each other to do our sketches every day and to hook a square regularly. I quite enjoyed your class and am feeling inspired to continue working up sketches for future designs.

    I looked up the title of the workshop I did for TIGHR. It was: Zentangle Inspired Art: Introducing a source and practice to enhance your rug designs. I introduced the practice, explained its origins and why it was different from doodling, made clear that I was not a certified zentangle teacher and presented a number of books published by the Zentangle people. Then I talked about how it influenced my hooking and helped build my sketching skills. And we drew a few Zentangles, as a first step to designing a small pattern. I agree that there is an edge in this, concerning demonstrating drawing a Zentangle, as far as copyright law goes. But considering that all I do encourages others to explore zentangles further and buy the books, I don’t think this is in the same category as copying someone’s work and claiming it as my own. If that is what you were concerned about.

    Thank-you, again, for the great class. I hope our paths cross again.




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