Stymied with process

I have a good design, pile of materials in a variety of values, and know the techniques I want to use why is this process not enjoyable?

Sketch of Seneca Rocks #2 Susan L Feller

Sketch of Seneca Rocks #2 Susan L Feller

I think the last two ingredients are lacking something….but what?

Check out my decision process so far:  layering fabric, working trees in different values embroidered, hooked and appliquéd, embroidery of leaves and then the rocks.

Decided I need to set this aside and work on another project while researching skills and shopping for supplies.

7 thoughts on “Stymied with process

  1. Bonnie

    This wooded scene is so peaceful and I love the different ways you use to fill in the trunks and the natural colors. It makes me want to find a forest and just walk a path. Something different from a hot Florida scene. I used to live in New England and I feel I miss it.

  2. betsy07

    I love the vision you have. I will be doing a project combining hooking and embroidery next month but I am not yet sure of how I want to do it.

    1. Susan

      Hardest part I find mixing media Betsy is thinking through the construction needs. In hooking we work from detail out to background, with appliqué’ and other fabric or painting the background is first, a foundation and details build on top. Embroidery can get addicting too , when do you stop. That is where I need to work out how I am going to approach finishing this piece, the details will make it. Good luck with your project.

      1. betsy07

        Thanks for your sharing your mixed media experience. At this point I plan on hooking and embroidering on a piece of wool or dyed linen. The class is with Ali Streibel and I am looking forward to working with her.

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