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Stymied with process

I have a good design, pile of materials in a variety of values, and know the techniques I want to use why is this process not enjoyable?

Sketch of Seneca Rocks #2 Susan L Feller

Sketch of Seneca Rocks #2 Susan L Feller

I think the last two ingredients are lacking something….but what?

Check out my decision process so far:  layering fabric, working trees in different values embroidered, hooked and appliquéd, embroidery of leaves and then the rocks.

Decided I need to set this aside and work on another project while researching skills and shopping for supplies.

Came back to the piece and kept going. By selecting the upholstery material for rocks in value and different textures the piece seemed to come together. Turned it over to my partner, Jim Lilly who created a custom frame continuing the layers of forest. Seneca Rocks #2 is complete.