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Many Hands Dyeing

Terminology on labels include descriptive words which conjure up action. One we use in textiles is “hand-dyed”. Here are the visuals behind that phrase from a session lead by Nancy Parcels with wool fabric. She included several great team building exercises such as dividing us into three groups to sort the light, medium and dark values and then as we eagerly shared in the dye pot bounty.

wools drying from session by Nancy Parcels

Marrying colors in the dye pot create a palette to enhance strong colors as a background and secondary motifs. Sort and dye up a pot for your next project.

Ninth Retreat Whitened

Early in April for the past nine years fiber enthusiasts have traveled to Hampshire County, WV for a weekend at Peterkin Camp and Conference Center. Anticipation of renewing friendships, flashes of pinks from native redbuds along Route 50, and pulling loops until midnight energize us.

Snow but no travel on Saturday

Snow but no travel on Saturday

This year the weather included snow! We also had rain on Friday and bright sun on Sunday to travel home. In past years there has been hurricanes, tornadoes, and a full weekend of very warm sunny weather. Mother Nature is fickle in April in West Virginia.

We worked away on a wide variety of rughooking projects. Many of which will be works in progress next year too – they are quite intricate.

Too quickly the packing began and vehicles headed north, south, east and west filled with memories of conversations and visual fun.

Join with a friend or two and pull some loops soon, your mind and work will benefit.

Retreating in the Mountains 2015

The 8th Retreat into the Mountains weekend is over with resounding “YES let’s do this again” from all.  Coming in over the mountains fog slowed the progress into Peterkin Camp and Conference Center on Friday.  Gathering with friends, settling into our nests, sharing the projects we wanted to spend our time on, and learning a variety of finishing techniques were how Friday was spent.  Of course there was food in the dining hall and in-between, all with a healthy approach. Last person left the workroom at 12:30 Saturday morning….

Keri Sue Brunk lead two yoga sessions on Saturday.  The first before breakfast and the second one introducing the practice just before lunch.  She also loosened up the neck, hands and back muscles while we sat in our seats.

The finishing techniques we covered were triple whipping with cording conducted as a hands-on session by Nancy Parcels. Stumbles, success, and appreciation were the compliments we shared with our samples.  Lori LaBerge showed the layering involved to present her work for gallery sales by stitching the hooked work to gray herringbone, stretched onto art board with clean wrapped corners, cloth covering the back all of which is then inserted into a gold rimmed shadowbox frame. A whipped mitered corner was demonstrated from handout by Germaine James of Canada. Debra Smith showed how a picot crocheted edge enhances a whimsical design.

Collection of pin looms

Collection of pin looms

The Falls

The Falls

We played with pin looms ranging in sizes from 2 inch square to 4″ x 6″ and using a variety of yarns and ribbons.  The March/April/May 2015 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine includes an article about continuous weaving incorporating pieces into hooked art. The annual hike to the glen with waterfall and hemlock grove introduced the property at Peterkin to the new attendees on Saturday afternoon.

Jim, Paul, Andy, Rick and Joe

Jim, Paul, Andy, Rick and Joe

Saturday evening we stayed at Peterkin and all of our senses were exposed to a new experience.  Within Hampshire County there are dozens of musicians who jam weekly playing old-time music. I called Paul Roomsburg and he networked with four others. Jim Morris brought instruments made from common objects telling us the history of music. Joe Hypes and Andy Agnew brought along their Rebel Union CDs and played guitar, fiddle and banjo during the evening.  Rick Pegg played the entire three hours standing up with the bass. To say we had a good time would be far from enough compliments to this group of talent.  By the end wooden spoons were tapping away on body parts, our clapping and stomping added to their strings. We all joined in with a rendition of John Denver’s ‘Country Roads‘ and ‘Amazing Grace‘.

Taking photos, studying

Taking photos, studying

2015 attendees

2015 attendees

Sunday was filled with conversations including critiques; suggestions for equipment, material and other workshops; and several successful completed projects.  We “throw down” works onto the wide porch each year and then get together for a group portrait.  Lunch and packing up came too quickly but the dates are set for 2016 and cyberspace will keep us connected until then.


Collections at Sauder Village

The 18th Annual Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, Archbold, OH is over, preserved in memories and digital snaps.  THE event for fiber enthusiasts will happen again August 12-15, 2015.  Bookmark SauderVillage.org and check in early November for schedule of workshops, vendors and featured exhibits.

Thank you to Rug Hooking Magazine and Sauder Village for sponsoring this show and congratulations to Event Coordinator Kathy Wright.  Look forward to old and new friends next year.

These images capture my digital highlights, the mind is overwhelmed by hundreds more.

New Zealand by Air and Foot

A trip of my lifetime began three years ago when the International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers new board was announced to be based in Australia.  As Past-President of course I was going to attend the tri-ennial conference in the Fall of 2012.  My grandfather taught me to save for a goal and the envelope came out for just that… a trip halfway around the world!  Why not explore another country near the destination?  So New Zealand went on the list.  Internet searching made planning a breeze with Maps, and sites to explore from luxury of homebase.  A few emails and even one phone call to New Zealand confirmed all of the lodging and airplane legs.  And we discussed how to pack for two weeks in a carryon weighing no more than 7kg (15 pounds) and one suitcase.

October 8 dawned and the first leg began.  Drive to Frederick, MD and park my car with a friend while Deb Smith and I continued in her vehicle to Dulles Airport.  Check-in at United for cross-country flight to Los Angeles.  The rest was on Air New Zealand… highly recommended and after our 7 flights with them, I agree. FLY WITH AIR NEW ZEALAND if you can.  In Los Angeles we met up with Linda Rae Coughlin and the threesome continued to Auckland, NZ, through customs and dropped off our luggage for a domestic hop to Rotorua.

Deb and Susan in transit

We arrived in Rotorua, one of the most active thermal regions in the world.  On our list to see were the mud pools, geothermal waters, and steamy volcanic forested areas.  The government of New Zealand wisely realized in the early 1900’s that deforestation without replanting would destroy the economy and ecology.  They mandate every tree which is cut must be replanted and the climate creates quick growth especially in the evergreens.  A REDWOOD forest was planted in that period and the trees have grown to hundreds of feet tall already.  Here the three of us are posing on a tree which fell but then sprouted several “limbs” as new trees. 

Linda Rae, Deb and Susan on Redwood

I decided to drink tea on the trip and found ordering “tea for two” was less expensive than two cups of tea.  Deb and I often shared a pot of English Breakfast. 

Tea at the Rotorua Museum Cafe

One observation is the cost of food either in supermarkets or at restaurants, cafes was higher than in the States until we realized there was NO TIPPING, for any service, taxi, guide, and certainly not waiters.  This does not stiffle service.  Our reaction to New Zealanders in general was friendly, helpful and welcoming; we were encouraged to return to visit the South Island (only one week of travel time), and given added advice before asking.  Tourism must be high on the economic impact list but I felt they all truly enjoyed living in New Zealand and being “Kiwis”.

There is a new envelope with a two dollar coin inside, beginning my return trip to New Zealand.



Zodiac Collection at Sauder Village 2012

The 16th Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, Archbold, OH is over and plans are being finalized for the next one August 14-17, 2013.  Below is the entire Zodiac Collection of hooked art (approximately 18″ x 26″) published in Rug Hooking Magazine J/F 2012 as it was presented for thousands of visitors.  Congratulations to the designers: Aries, Mariah Krauss, VT; Taurus, Patti Armstrong, Ontario,CN; Gemini, Sara Judith, British Columbia, CN; Cancer, Diane Learmonth, WA; Leo, Linda Rae Coughlin, NJ; Virgo, Francine Even, CT; Libra, Yvonne Autie, UK; Scorpio, Susan Feller, WV; Sagittarius, Jennifer Larmour, NY; Capricorn, Natasha Chan, IN; Aquarius, Jo Franco, W Australia; Pisces, Andrea Sheppard, Ontario, CN

Zodiac Collection Fiber Artists from Around the World

Twelve fiber artists selected by Susan L. Feller for their innovative designs and in some cases young energy, depict the Zodiac signs in hooked works.  The collection is published in Rug Hooking Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2012 issue.

Virgo, by Francine Even, CT, USA

Seeing the pieces in the magazine and reading the thought processes is one thing but actually viewing all twelve works and meeting some of the artists can be done by attending Sauder Village’s 16th Rug Hooking Week in Archbold, Ohio. The event is Wednesday-Saturday, August 15-18.  Susan will lead a gallery walk with fellow artists during the exhibit.  See events, workshops or sign up when you arrive.

Book Released to Rave Reviews

The book is out and we are pleased with the responses.

Go to our store at www.RuckmanMillFarm.com to order an autographed copy. 

Readers have said: “I will definitely use this as a “go to” guide for my students.”

Wendie ScottDavis,Ontario CANADA

“Got your book yesterday and started to read it this morning. I think this book will be a great teaching tool for many years to come… just wonderful!”Linda Rae Coughlin,New Jersey

“I received your book It is GREAT!! It is very easy to read and ALOT of information I think it is one of the best Rug Hooking has put out.” Margaret Wenger, Pennsylvania

Fraktur Designs in Rug Hooking Magazine

Barbara Ebersol Star Flower Mat hooked by Susan Feller

The Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine includes an article by Susan titled: Frakturs for Designing, Old Pennsylvania German Artwork Finds a New Place.  Using Barbara Ebersol a Lancaster, PA artist of the late 1880’s to introduce Frakturs to the readership, Feller includes several design motifs as free patterns.  The topic is a research favorite which has culminated in a product DESIGN IN A BOX- Frakturs available through the shop at Ruckman Mill Farm